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LAWS 2301
Diana Young

- Abbreviated class today, structure of criminal justice system. Criminal law background. Not about legal rules but looking at the criminal justice system is an institution with players with key roles. How do their decisions affect outcomes in a case? More with personalities and the operations of the law discretion of practice of daily routine. The rule of law – consequences of criminal conviction. Imbedded in social profession practices. Always subjective. - _______________________________________________________________________ _ The role of the police- what they do and how they see their role - Not so much investigating but exercising risk management. - Issues of racial profiling and how we put police accountable. - The relationship b/w the police and the crown attorneys. - Crown attorneys make huge decisions not always adversarial. 85 % of cases pled guilty- negotiation b/w defence and the crown. Policy and the judicial function- doctrine - Not always Judges making the big decisions- when are they interpretation the law and making it. - The role of victims- how is their role used in a political way to affect criminal justice policy. - What types of wrongs and activities fall outside the criminal justice system- corporations? - Prisons and prisoners. Types of correctional facilities. Mental illness and the criminal justice system - Understanding mental illness and its effect on criminal responsibility - Does it increase it- more therapeutic jurisprudence. Problem solving courts - Wrongful convictions Jane Doe case. What’s really going on? How are we choosing our forensic experts? Royal commissions of inquiry. Serious questions about the system. - Fact finding – being impartial. - Structure of the criminal justice system- federal system provincial government and some to parliament 91 and 92 respectably - Federal government responsible for enacting criminal law - Provinces administrating justice set up provincial courts- maintain a system of crown attorneys to prosecute criminal offenses. - Ministry of the attorney general responsible for administering justice. - Police services and community Jim Bradley- police services act- Ontario provincial police accountability - Federal level- minister of public safety- fed government responsible for RCMP - Federal minister of justice deals with prosecutions such as the Controlled Drug and Substances Act - Provincial criminal courts (deal mostly with summary convictions) most in criminal offenses are hybrid offenses. Some are i
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