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Lecture 6

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Carleton University
LAWS 2301

Laws 2301Lecture 6 NotesConsensus vs Critical Consensus law seen as reflection of those customs most strongly held in society Law and legal procedure seen as instruments of dominant groups and only understood in the context of larger social relations dont need to know theseConsensus act defined as criminal because they offend fundamental values of society Persons labeled criminal because behaviour goes beyond tolerance limits of communitypoor more likely to arrestedconvicted because they commit more crimescrime establishes tolerance limitsincreases moral solidarity crime makes people aware of interests in commoneach society has set of agreedupon rulescustoms but criminals not properly socialized and rules not internalized Critical acts defined as criminal because it is in the interests of advantage groupspersons labeled criminal because it is in the interests of advantaged groups to so label thempoor more likely to be labeled criminal due to interests and power of adv groupsCrime used to create false consciousness so that all groups see int
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