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Lecture 4

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Criminal LawLecture 4 Notes The inside case Needle exchange program There isnt a statement in the code referencing what to do But you can look at other goals for the criminal law Possible Goals lrccretribution The Goal is the punishmentrejectedEnforcing mortality Idea that you are trying to make people behave in a way u think it proper right and moral exgambling alcohol laws Goal is to change a persons behaviour act like a good moral citizen Wanting people to stop gaging in a certain kind of behaviour Problem is whos morality does one use ex S 172 Corrupting ChildrenrejectedProtection From Harm Justificationwe have a concept of self defense and this is just social selfdefense Most importantUnderlying Values approach Referring to important values of society that will be held in criminal law Two important values Essential values allow society to exist peaceful ordered property rights value of life order peace etc and Necessary Values If these value are threatened the idea that criminal provides a response or purpose The first purpose is to provide a response then articulation of the values murder is wrong and inculcates those values it also teaches socialization agent Finally the idea that criminal law provides society with reassurance that justice will be done LRCC true crimes v mere offenses mere offenses violate useful rules while crimes violate necessary or essential rules Things that should should be punished
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