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LAWS 2301
Ronald Saunders

Criminal Justice SystemNovember 11 2011Class 9Police AccountabilityProsecutorsPowers and duties realties of workAccountability mechanisms RomeoPick up midterm Loeb 299 Jane Doe Case text pg 198Police negligence suing policeJane Doe sued police she was a victim of sexual assault There was a serial rapist and police didnt warn public she fit profileDoe had been attacked by rapist and sued police argued knew identifiable class of victims and should have warned themDamages on 2 grounds negligence for not warningprotecting and s7s15 rights violatedPolice argued didnt want to warn as offender would relocate and continue to offendCourt police didnt warn as thought women would panic and harm investigation other investigators in similar case had warned Duty was there to warn and so negligent Also duty to prevent crime on part of police CCRF rights also violated deprived of right to security against attack and to equality re stereotypical views of womenrape mythsPolice know best how to run a crime investigation courts do not Police should be able to run investigation their wayTook her 12 years to win the right to sue every action was fought by police Community Policing TypesMeant to make people more accountableDifferent way of policing Many different typesCommunitybased policing Least changes on part of policePublic as volunteersLittle change re mandateworkProblemoriented policingPublic involved in problem solvingShift to proactive responsesMore organization that communitybased More trying to find problemCommunity policing
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