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LAWS 2301
Ronald Saunders

Criminal Justice SystemNovember 21 2011ProsecutorsDuties and realities of workAccountability mechanisms RomeoDefenceRoles issues controlsRockwoodPlea BargainingTypes definitionsBenefits givenFinal essay Plea Bargaining Prosecutors Duties and PrinciplesAct as Minister of Justiceservant of justiceofficer of the courtNot there to convict but to find the truthExclude notions of winninglosingTemple of justiceAssist court in understanding factsHave to give all evidence even if it hurts own caseDont give personal opinionPresent in straightforward nonbiased wayAssist in understanding lawrulesConvict guiltyacquit innocentBe independent stand apart from rich and poor and inbetweensDont take interest in outcome of casePersonal political private considerationsobligationAct on behalf of societyAmerican DA is very political and works with policePresumption of innocenceRealitiesAdministrative pressuresNot enough prosecutors Need to be efficient Prosecutorial values more managerial than adversarial or justice orientatedAdministrative efficiencies is the goal Often assume guilt and proceedSocial bondstrust importantNeed a good relationship with defence and judgeCant fight everything in trial system Part of bureaucracy
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