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LAWS 2301
Ronald Saunders

Criminal Justice SystemDecember 5 2011Pick up essayVictimsRoles rationalesServices needsRecent innovationsVictims want back in the systemClarke roles of victimstateVictimRaw materialGive evidenceSymbolic presenceStateProvide justice moderation rationalityPreserve orderOnly power left for victim is to report crimemost dont Depends on what type of crime Sexual assault is rarely reported Victims dont think criminal justice system will provide a responsefrustrated or angerAnger and frustration led to victim rights movementVictim rights movement developed in the 70sstarted due to fear of crime and people wanted to have control Womens rights movement contributed to victim movementVictims Rights movementBeing left outangerfrustration wanting back inPoor treatment by policecourtsFear of crimeLaw and order movement in USWomens right movementSelfhelp movementLoss of faith in government that they cant do their jobsHumanitarian concerns workers compensation Restitution These factors all contributed to the victim rights movementVictims are heterogeneousneeds arent universal Different types of victims No one organization that helps every persontype of victimizationNo consensus on how to improve criminal justice responses to victims
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