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Criminal Justice System Class 2.odt

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LAWS 2301
Maeve Mc Mahon

Criminal Justice System Class 2 An Overview Of Criminal Justice SystemJanuary 11 2012Griffiths Prefacecomplex dynamic and ever changing criminal justice system impossible for people to know everything that is going on even those within the systema challenge faced is finding a balance between protecting peoples rights including those being accused vs community safetyrapidly evolving forms of technology increases new forms of crime system struggles to keep up with technology No crime without a law no punishment without a lawTwo for one when the offender spends time in jail waiting for trial and sentencing the judge takes the time they spent away from their sentence Ex Bishop child porn caseOCDC were doing 3 for 1 Post 911 2001 issues of security have come up more money has been spent towards security airportsecurity goes hand in hand withRobert Dziekanski taser caseV White restorative Justice Ottawa policeto what extent is restorative justice used Rhetork discourse talkCircle sentencing bringing everyone involved together to come to a consensuseswhat if the community is unhealthy Ex they are dominated by men that abuse women will restorative justice work thanRecent development tells us that we need to pay more attention to victims Victims are considered double losers suffer from offence than go through systemVictim Impact Statement statement about how victims feels about the impact the event had on their life they are not allowed to recommend a sentence1994 P4W woman were strip searched by a squad of men judges believed that the woman were lying1996 Louise Arbour was told to look into the situation her report helped develop more prisons for woman and P4W was closed in 2000Ashley Smith CaseThe Ashley Smith inquest was a coroners inquest in Ontario related to the suicideinstitutional death of Ashley Smith a teenager who committed on October 19 2007 whileshe was under suicide watch at the Grand Valley Institution for Women Despite guards watching her on video monitors the prisoner Smith was able to strangle herself with a strip of cloth and it was several hours before guards or supervisors realized she was dead The warden and deputy warden were fired after the incident and though the guards and supervisors were initially charged for negligence those charges were dropped a year later Overrepresentation of native people in prison population racism issues and racial profilingRV Gladue Case 1999 Basic ComponentsPoliceCourtsCorrectionsA Human EnterpriseIs part of the community
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