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Criminal Justice System Class 3 & 4.odt

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LAWS 2301
Maeve Mc Mahon

Criminal Justice System Class 34 Challenges In Criminal JusticeJanuary 18 2012R v STINCHCOMBE 1991 Disclosure of evidencepage 152R v ASKOV 1990 Length of time waiting for trialIn the charter it states that every person charged must be trialed within a reasonable amount of time many cases have been thrown out because the accused had been waiting for too long Is the criminal justice system a system In many ways its not because of multiple mandings prisons are there to punish people but they also have to rehabilitate peopleHigh Costs of CrimeThe annual cost of operating the criminal justice system is approximately 13 billionyear majority of the expenditures are related to policing increasing mandatory minimal sentences prison population Value for servicegenerally noPotential Solutions expendituresdevelopment of problemsolving capacity within criminal justice system drug course and other coursesEnsuring Justice In a Multicultural societyChallenges to ensure that the rights of all people are protected cases in recent years have raised political cultural freedom of religion and legal issues as well as the question as to the extent that the practices of various religious groups will be accommodated issues of treatment among woman and girls regarding abuse CCVT Organized Crime And Terrorist ThreatsCJS has been designed to respond to traditional types of crimesSophisticated non traditional types of criminal activity are increasingEg international drug trafficking and human trafficking activities are often carried out by organized crime syndicates at the international level Special Groups of Offendersmany individuals who come into contact with the CJS have unique needs and present special challengesA coordinated and informed response is required for special groups such asSex offenders and offenders with mental and developmental disorders drug addicts going into prison with no treatment or inadequate treatment HIVAIDS woman in prisonsLouise Arbour said that the corrections services in Canada were not paying attention to the lawOCIoffice of correctional investigator offenders can make a complaint to
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