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Criminal Justice System Class 5.odt

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LAWS 2301
Maeve Mc Mahon

Criminal LawClass 5 The PoliceFebruary 1 2012History Of PolicingPreconfederation mostly informal policing by community residenceFirst Police Officersth Quebec City mid 17 century th Upper Canada early 19 centuryVaried dutiesNight watchman tax collectors building inspectors bailiffs Provincial Police Forcethoften set up in response to disorder resulting from gold strikes in 19 centurythreplaced by RCMP during 20 centurycurrently Ontario Quebec and parts of Newfoundland have their own provincial police forceHistory of RCMPNorth West Mounted police founded in 1873 maintain law and order ensure orderly settlement in Prairies many problems desertion resignation and improper conductReplaced by the Royal Canadian Mounted PolicePolice TodayAbout 6000 police officers across Canada believe that there are more 1 for every 529 Canadians Lower than US Australia and Great BritainLargest cost item in justice system receives approximately 60 of the funding piecosts just over 300per Canadian1 out of 5 officers is a womanStructure of PolicingFour levels Federal provincial municipal and First Nations Also public transportation police railway airport and transitSome municipalities have own forces Eg London Toronto Others use provincial forces detachments or RCMP detachments The Royal Canadian Mounted Policeorganized by region and operationsgoverned by Royal Canadian Mounted Police act 1985enforce most federal statutes Controlled drugs and substances act
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