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LAWS 2302
Mike Smith

Criminal Justice Class 4PurposesgoalsprinciplesLRCC proposed goalspurposes what justifies putting something in criminal law and what doesntMere offences vs real crimesOuimet SmithCosts of overcriminalization too much criminal law Roleinfluence of perspectives GoalspurposesprinciplesLRCCLaw Reform Commission of CanadaPossible Goals LRCCRetribution Punished because wrong has been done Goal is punishment LRCC rejected this as part of criminal law old fashioned ideaEnforcing moralitySexual offencesgamblingdrug offencesSimilar to retribution but has a different goal want to change persons behaviour to be good Goal isnt necessarily punishmentProblem whos morality is it Everyone has different viewsWhy have morality in criminal law Should come from familiesRejected by LRCC because other things family should enforce moralityCorrupting childrens 172 1Everyone who in the home of a child participates in adultery or sexual immorality or indulges in habitual drunkenness or any other form of vice and thereby endangers the morals of the child or renders the home an unfit place for the child to be in is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two yearsPossible Goals LRCC ContinuedProtection from harm Social self defenceRehabilitate put in jailharm levels will go down LRCC accepts protection from harmUnderlying values approachLRCC says this is most importantImportant values in society upheld by criminal law2 types of valuesEssential values
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