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Stacy Douglas

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Lecture No. 7 Law, State, and Citizen with Franz Kafka Wednesday, th February 26 , 2014 Edgar Schmidt is a federal government lawyer who blew the whistle on cases with a 5% chance of passing. Since 1993, the duty to report is has been significantly narrow. Carl Schmitt talks about the rule of law covers over the truth of sovereignty. Peter Russell wrote a piece at the time of the Charter. There has been a centralization of power in the Prime Minister’s office in the last 40 years is dangerous. Deepan Budlakoti has his citizenship taken away; born in Ottawa. Convicted of a crime and went to jail; punished a second time – called double punishment. The Minister of Justice is Peter McKay. The Attorney General is Peter McKay. Kafka was born in a middle-class Jewish family in Prague in 1883. He trained as a lawyer, where he met Max Brod. Began writing in addition to employment. He developed tuberculosis in his early 30s. He died near Vienna in 1924 at 40. He asked Brod to destroy all of his manuscripts; Brod defied his wishes. Kafka began writing The Trial in 1914. It was unfinished at the time of his death. Brod edited and published in German in 1925 (one year after his death) as “Der Process.” It was translated into English in 1935. There is a dispute over chapter arrangement. There is a critique of bureaucracy ex. Titorelli’s “ostensible
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