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Stacy Douglas

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Review: Who is Edgar Schmidt? • Federal government lawyer who was a whistle blower o He said that the government shouldn't pass a bill that only had 5% Who is Carl Schmitt? • “The sovereign is he who decides the exception” • • Illuminates who is above the law when they make these decisions • It’s not irregular, it’s part of sovereignty • Liberal democrats who are obsessed with having order of law are covering over the truth of sovereignty • The truth is that sovereignty is in the POWER of the person making that decision (derogate or erode those rights) • Forces us to ask tough questions of liberal democracy Who is Peter Russell? • The is the author of the piece we rerad before the break about Democracy in Canada o Talked about all the potential pitfalls of Canada • In the 2009 piece, he talks about how his idea was wrong, the Charter has actually been right and hasn't been wrong like we previously though o The PMO's office, centralization of power over the last 40 years, people focus on the expansion of employees in the PM's office o Dangerous because we live in a First past the post system Who is Deepan Budlakoti? • Someone who was not technically a Canadian or Indian citizen, he was a stateless citizen • Double punishment -> because both countries will not take him o Compliments of criminal and immigration law • Concept of Double punishment happens more frequently Who is the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General? • Peter Mackay Sketch of Franz Kafka • Middle-class, Jewish, born in Prague in 1883 • Trained as a lawyer, his father was a lawyer • Met his companion and friend Max Brod o Began writing in addition to his employment, he hated being a lawyer, had a bad relationship with his father, went through his steps to be a lawyer • Was very sick as a young man, developed tuberculosis in his early 30s • Died near Vienna in 1924 at age of 40, it got so bad he could not swallow food anymore so he could not eat o Before he died, he asked his friend brod to destroy all of his manuscripts, in keeping with his frail existence, he thought very lowly of himself. • Brod actually defied his needs o He said that if Franz Kafka wanted him to destroy all his work, he wouldn't have asked Brod, because Kafka would never have asked that to him o He must have actually wanted Brod to keep the work The Trial • Began writing it in 1914 but was unfinished at the time of his death • Brod edited it and published it in German in 1925 (after Kafka's death) as "Der Process" • Translated into English in 1935 • Dispute over the chapter arrangement o The manuscripts they did have, Brod passed it on
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