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LAWS 2601
Christina Harrison Baird

Class 3Sources of International LawIGOs intergovernment organizations UN UNHCR NATO etc NATO more limited legal personality than UN because it has less membersSubjective personal opinion internal to meObjective outside of meNGOs are objects of intl law meaning their behaviour can be controlled by public international law but they dont really get any rightsprivelleges because they arent subjects of intl law like states are IGOs are though because they are made from statesCorporations are objects doesnt derive rightsduties Only in domestic lawIndividuals are subject to some degree human rights war crimesPeoplesPortion of the population of a stateoInhabitants of a colonized or other nonselfgoverning territoryoObjective test homogeneity that distinguishes them from remainder of states population eg ethnicity language religion cultural heritage history of persecutionoSubjective test conception of self as a distinct groupMembers of group have to conceive themselves as distinctoICJ has expressly endorsed existence of a right to selfdetermination Timor Leste Namibia Western Sahara Palestinian territoryoTension exists between competing rights of primary subjects of intl law statessecondary subjects peoplesMakes states nervous of secession oA distinction that resolves the tension Internal vs external selfdeterminationInternal selfdeterminationright of all segments of a states population to participate meaningfully without discrimination in its own selfgovernment
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