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Lecture 7

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LAWS 3305

Lecture 7 1870 following a rebellion in Manitoba led by Louis Riel as a result of which he was exiled for 14 years in the statesImpelling father of confederation for Manitoba 1885 Louis Riel returned and referred to them as cousins he was lawyertrained catholic from Montreal In March of 1885 a Metis Provisional Gov was established in the district of Sask led by RielNorthwest Mounted police were convened soldiers raced out mainly under a general officer commanding oAll persons who have been forced into rebelling against our Sovereign Lady the Queen or who are held by the rebels agains thteir will will receive protection on presenting themselves to the Officers Commanding at Carlton or Prince Albert1885 Riel walked up the 13 steps and was executedoIn political considerations trial was held out west and 6 were Anglophones oHe wanted to address the Jury and did not want to enter a plea of insanity which his defence team wanted him to do oManaged to address the jury on his own and insisted that he wasnt insane Looking into aboriginal experience their first real formal contact with us was by reason of plains of Abraham and the royal proclamation of 1763oUnder the initial treaties native rights to land could only be extinguished by subsequent treaties by which these people were aware ofoIgnored those initial promises and allowed anything deleting the trust in the relationshipoThey suffered cuz they didnt know the rules of the game They didnt realize what it meant to become conquered peoples as british subjectsDidnt understand fully what lands being held in trust for them really meantAustralian politicians made great recourse to Canadian judicial announcements on the nature of the crown aboriginal relationship
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