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Lecture 11

LAWS 3306 Lecture 11: LAWS 3306 Lecture 11

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Carleton University
LAWS 3306
Paolo Giancaterino

Thursday, March 30, 2017 LAWS 3306 Lecture 11:Current and Future Changes(Word Docs on CUlearn on this) Legislative Changes under the Conservatives focused on bringing victims rights to the forefront • • enacted legislation due to specific events (YCJA, New forms of victimizationn coming to the forefront) • criminalization of politics — using the criminal law and justice system to solve political issues • take away conditional sentencing on thefts of property over 5000 or vehicles • whats a conditional sentence: one step bellow a jail sentence in the sense that its the same thing, a period of incarceration but in your own home (enacted by the liberals trying to limit the incarceration rates) — conservatives take this away: tough on crimes Word doc 1 is on this • State of Incarceration • Documentary viewing • California’s 3 strikes you got life - Mental Health • Recent Proposals • Since Liberals have been in: • issue dealing with carding, investigative stops, police violence against minority groups • victims of sexual violence and harassment, Bill was to increase access outside of the criminal law to deal with this - increases the time on the limitation period for reporting a crime 1 Thursday, March 30, 2017 - made it able for people to get out of a bad situation without going threw the law; an abusive relationship, landlord agreement - made an educational effort for dealing with certain offences • SCC Carter case: - legalizing assisted suicide - dealing with the issue of this; which packer wanted to make it a victimless crime • An act to amend the Canadian human rights act and the criminal code - dealing with the recognition or trans and others against the discrimination and hate propaganda and hate crimes to keep it an equal and safe place for everyone - Bill C-16 - Using the criminal legal system to make it an offence and have people equal • Bill C-28; an act to amend the criminal code with the victim surcharge - reverse the roles - create exemptions to the offence to pay the victim surcharge - example restore a judges discretion; its up to the offender to show that they cannot pay • Bill C-32 - removing the offence of anal intercourse which was discriminatory against gays in Canada under section 159 and it will remove this offence from any mention in the criminal code - no longer an offence • Bill C-224 - an act to amend the controlled drug and substance act - assistance of drug overdose - this is a good seminarian law thats being put into place in a reaction to the drug overdoses that have been occurring 2 Thursday, March 30, 2017 - lim
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