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Carleton University
LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

Lecture 1 death What.the.f. - Nuremberg principles and war trials • Definition of crime against peace: unprovoked invasion of other people  That’s whatAmerica did to Iraq.America was not under threat of being attacked by Iraq - Terrorists people who are prepared to die to ensure that you die, and as many people as possible - What drives a woman of our age to strap on bombs and go to a place where there are innocents and blow herself up. What kind of sense of life is there? More wtf - Beyond Jihad vs. Mr.World • Benjamin Barber • Approach September 11 was divisive in many other ways. • Bush administration aimed towards message of: “either you are with us, or against us” • The terrorist attacks didn’t really change people’s ideology  The Lefts still inclined to say “you need to talk”. Better understanding of people you are dealing with.  The Rights still insisted terror must be met with terror  Ex: SEAL attacks, counter-terrorism measures. Violence met with violence • He said the real battle is not about fighting terrorism, it’s about defending democracy  Your strength and defense lies in exercising those principles/values that your society considers to be the driving force  How many civil liberties were we willing to cede due to these perceived threats - Human rights and terrorism • Paul Hoffman - The lesser evil: political ethics in an age of terror • Michael Ignatieff • The moral upper hand, just because it is dirty, doesn’t make it evil and wrong. Sometimes you need to dirty your hands to protect good things... so how far are we prepared to dirty our hands to protect democracy? - September 11: consequences for Canada • Kent Roach • What was wrong with the criminal code before 9/11? Did we have to mirror the PATRIOTAct? • Thinks Canada overreacted - Dark days: the story of 4 Canadians tortured in the name of fighting terror • Kerry Pithe - The return of history and the end of dreams • Robert Kagan - Nuremberg and Vietnam: an American tragedy • Telford Taylor • Nuremberg developed the major modern principles that underlie the international criminal court that came to be in 1998 - Weapons of mass persuasion: marketing the war against Iraq • Paul Rutherford - The responsibility to protect • ICISS - The United Stated and the international criminal court: the ICC’s jurisdiction over the nationals of non-party states: a critique of the US position • M. Scharf Stuff - The legislation concerning the marijuana possession is preposterous • It says that if you own 6 marijuana plants, and you give some to your friends, it is co
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