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Lecture 3

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LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

Lecture 3 more stuff What.the.f. rd - 1/3 of the government’s cabinet ministers voted for the bill (opening of the abortion issue) - Republicans believe in the women’s place in the home • One republican said “I feel sorry for my wife. I’m here on stage, enjoying the limelight, while she is at home doing laundry - Sarah Palin believed raped women should deal with their own problems. Pay for hospital and abortion Other stuffff - Law reform commission of Canada in the 80s questioned the efficacy of mandatory minimum sentences, and the current minister of justice (Mr. Nickelson) was on that commission, so what was it that changed his mind? - Professor Shee the Canadian literature on the whole question of mandatory minimum is quite sparse (almost nonexistent in Canada). It’s more prolific in the US • The sole supporters of mandatory minimum sentencing in Canada seem to be politicians (rather than lawyers and experts) • Allan Rock (president Ottawa U) mandatory minimum of 1 year for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime • Stockholm Day(former minister, 2000) mandatory minimum based on the Californian concept of “3 strikes and you are out” • In both of these cases, Professor Shee stated that no one was able to cite anything that would support the idea that mandatory minimums would be effective • The law commission said that when people commit crimes, they are usually unaware of mandatory minimums. More concerned with the probability of detection. “It’s not the severity, but rather the certainty of punishment that matters” - Mandatory minimum prevents the judges from assessing
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