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Lecture 7

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LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

Lecture 7 thingies Vietnam war  My Lai massacre - Hundreds of unarmed Vietnamese citizens, old people, women, and children alike, were butchered - People came to see it wasn’t such a clean cause, and bad things were happening under the American flag in South EastAsia which they did not want to be held accountable for - GIs have disturbing beliefs - Some people who fought in the war were ashamed of what they had to do • Motto anything that isn’t dead and isn’t white is a Vietcong - Hugh Thompson he put his chopper down between some surviving civilians and Lieutenant Calais platoon, and said “if you harm another civilian I’ll turn my guns on you” • He was extremely disturbed by the events. He was black listed and shunned as if he acted discreditably - When Lieutenant Calais was sentenced, Nixon cut in and gave him a more lenient sentence, putting him basically under house arrest - In this war, the Nuremberg laws were not applied More -
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