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Lecture 8

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LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

Lecture 8 thingies Stuff - Kindergarten kid kicked out of school for bringing a butter knife because the school has zero tolerance policies don’t allow the principle to exercise discretion - Man sentenced for life for stealing a pizza because California law states there are 3 strikes • Cost of keeping this person in jail is ridiculous when you take into account the details • Omnibus crime bill refused for the judges to be able to decline a mandatory minimum but give their reasons why • Why have the judiciary if they have no ability to take into consideration circumstances around the crime - Legislature on youth is becoming more “punishment” rather than “rehabilitation” Other - Wikileaks continues to strive, and recently hundreds of documents have come out describing the U.S. prison camps since 9/11 and it is clear the detainees are being abused - Files detail camps in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Guantanamo, shows there’s a systemic approach to carving “a dark space where law and rights do not apply, where persons can be detained without a trace at the convenience of theAmerican DOD” [and the president] • Senior officials around him told him these actions were legally acceptable, even thought Obama wanted to be above the Geneva conventions and rule of law • Problem here is they have locked themselves into a permanent exception (when will there ever be a stop to these “black holes” and Guantanamo?) • Policy of accountability process by which detainees slowly, in an obscure fashion, have been given numbers rather than names so that they can be shifted around various U.S. agencies and departments without anyone ever tracing them • Human rights activists said the CIAsince 9/11 have used black sights to extract information - 9/11 causes us to have to give up norms, privacy and morals we have established in
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