LAWS 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Private Police, Pedophilia

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10 Aug 2016
March 7
Everyone loves the police
-3 levels of police : federal (RCMP), provincial (OPP, SQ) and municipal (Ottawa police)
-special police: police forces on reservations
-all have different mandates. Different training
-no standardisation of training, so the length varies across forces
-***push towards militarization of police (SWAT) vs push towards mediation
-the fact that police now have more non-lethal weapons means that they use these more frequently
than they would normally
-RCMP is very hierarchal and pseudo military. Much more bureaucratic function
-police do remain accountable to the public because we pay their salaries. Security guards are more
accountable towards their employer
-security guards cannot violate charter rights like police can because they don’t represent the state.
Community Policing
-3 styles of policing
-watchman: police officer or nightwatchman. They maintain order, sometimes informally. Ex: cut deals
with criminals to maintain order. High levels of corruption associated with this and lower arrest rate.
-legalistic style: exact opposite of watchman. Highly formal. Every infraction counts. Arrests are high for
menial things. Letter of the law is followed. Very little discretion
-Service style: a mix of both. Engages in problem solving rather than strict enforcement. Found often in
community policing.
-bringing police back in community through bicycle forces has been used to make the police more
involved in community
-discretion could lead to discrimination
-fitting police with cameras will force police officers to lose discretion and become more legaslitic
Police under fire
-police are often viewed under suspicion. Creates further distance between police and community.
People are uneasy with police.
-police then create their own community within themselves
-policing is about as dangerous as being a biologist. It is however difficult psychologically. They have
higher divorce rate.
The reality
-complaints against police are relatively low
-routine job that can be quite boring. 20% of police time
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