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Ronald Saunders

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Criminal Justice System December 5, 2011
Pick up essay
Roles, rationales
Services, needs
Recent innovations
Victims want back in the system
Clarke: roles of victim/state
Raw material
Give evidence
Symbolic presence
Provide justice, moderation, rationality
Preserve order
Only power left for victim is to report crime-most don’t
Depends on what type of crime. Sexual assault is rarely reported
Victims don’t think criminal justice system will provide a response – frustrated or
Anger and frustration led to victim rights movement
Victim rights movement developed in the 70s – started due to fear of crime and
people wanted to have control
Women’s rights movement contributed to victim movement
Victims Rights movement
Being left out=anger/frustration, wanting back in
Poor treatment by police/courts
Fear of crime
Law and order movement in U.S.
Women’s right movement
Self-help movement
Loss of faith in government that they cant do their jobs
Humanitarian concerns- workers compensation
These factors all contributed to the victim rights movement
Victims are heterogeneous – needs aren’t universal
Different types of victims
No one organization that helps every person/type of victimization
No consensus on how to improve criminal justice responses to victims
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