MUSI 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Electronic Drum, Reverberation, House Music

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9 Aug 2016
MUSI 1002
Sep 29
Music industry fight against rock n roll
-R&B was a term used to talk about all blues influenced music. Used as euphemism for race records.
-term rock n roll went through several evolution. First time used in 1912
-terms were beginning to be used in sexual context. Then they began representing a musical style.
-once it became a genre, the term became much more frequently used.
-alan freed helped popularize the term. Rock and roll is river of music that has a lot of streams in it
-Freed is often given credit for coining the term, even though that is not accurate, only helped to
popularize it.
-tensions in industry in the end of the 50’s.
-ASCAP (old school performs. Jazz/tin pan alley)
-BMI was associated with rock n roll
-BMI was accused of having too much power in musical media and curtailing public taste
-Payola scandal: pay for play. Record companies pay DJ’s to play songs or play them more frequently.
-Rocks popularity had to have political or commercial motivation. People argued the music wasn’t good
enough to be popular on its own.
-Payola was illegal at the time.
-New variety of rock n roll in 50’s, called teen pop. Designed to please teenagers and politicians.
Elements of rock, but sanitized. Tried to remove the more riske elements of rock n roll.
-teen pop had smoother vocals and softer ballads. Also prioritized the melodies.
-a lot of rock n roll musicians wrote, sang and performed their own music. In teen pop the stars were
only the singers.
-reason rock n roll seemed threatening was because of racial tensions at the time and sexual references.
Sound production
-new tech in sound production met with enthusiasm and criticism
-early computer based music in 50’s was done in big studios that required a lot of funding. Criticized
since it was not accessible to everyone.
-this was also the case with synths at first until they became more widely available.
-pianoforte and harpsichord were acoustic instruments.
-even the above change was met with resistance
-new instruments led to new genres.
-moog + midi led to new sounds.
-switched on bach is remix of bach using the moog synthesizer. It made the billboard pop charts.
Immensely popular with mainstream audience.
Sound recording
-some cases its popular to capture original sound, unaltered as possible.
-other times recording is seen as opportunity to perfect the sound.
-this creates a wide difference live rendition of recorded music.
-sound formats: wanting to make products available to consumers. Make it easier for consumers to
-not just about having best sounding format but also the most convenient and cost effective format
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