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Nov 8/2012 -Russell: letting go & letting goodness -Stoic preliminaries 1) the best possible life is one where you have the best possible things in life 2) the best things in life are those good things that cannot be taken away from you against your will -the absence of transcendent meaning -the worship of goodness vs. the worship of power stoic: external things; they are good; but taken away ; money loose job, beauty- age these good things are external to full control the good things; can not be taken from you against your will. your judgment; can not be taken away; we cahsn always maintain this. having desire for good thigns; wealth; health. but with good judgement, lize they can be taken away and still relize you have not lost the best thing. therefore according to the stotics its not the good things, its the right kind of attitudes. Proper attitudes can not be taken away. -resignation, freedom, and indignation. 3) the best things in life are our proper attitudes to external 4) therefore, the best possible life is one in which you have proper attitudes towards externals if we hold onto our stotic view; we will always have good if we want to be immune to hardships; nothing will touch urs! evreything will go will; we control our judgement 5) such a life will be characterized by abesnce of destructive emotions and presence of positive - destructive emotions; anxiety; greif stoic idea; if you live this life; when negative emotions diminish, postive increase. anger; according to stoics; refusal to accept; dont have control - this bad emotions are improper attitudes. if you live a life; then according to stoics; that anxiety replaced with calmness, anger with acceptance greif replaced with joy November 12 2012h Ruseel: letting go and goodness Russell; meaning life is worship to goodness Worship -> regarding something as the most important What is Russels goodness? - not a transcendant thing - Russel -> ideals -> goodness -> proper judgement to know what is good - Having certain principles Goodness: the right attitude to what is valuable Russell: to live meaningful life -> right sorts of attitudes Meaningful life -> worship (hold something in high regard) - > goodness -> one’s proper attitudes to what is valuable  life devoted to worship goodness; makes us the most free  ideals; our attitudes; one thing that can not be taken away - if you don’t worship goodness; worship power (external) th November 15 2012 Phil 1200: - General topics your thesis can be about; Feinberg’s Self- fulfillment account, or wolf’s fitting fulfillment account: - Evaluation: clarity; plausibility, originality Example 1: - Thesis: meaningfulness and morality come apart Supporting premise 1) If there are wicked people whose lives are nonetheless meaningful, then meaningfulness and morality come apart 2) Roman emperor Nero was a wicked perso
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