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Lecture 1 - PHIL1200: The Meaning of Life

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Carleton University
PHIL 1200
David Matheson

PHIL 1200 – Lecture 1 The Nihilist’s Worry Premise 1: If there is a meaning of life, then there must be either a transcendent meaning of life or an immanent meaning of life. Transcendent meaning of life: How human life relate to other realms or beings that transcend the life we live in. (Ex. God, Heaven, etc.) Immanent meaning of life: The way life relates to the natural physical realm. (Ex. Love, social interactions, etc.) Premise 2: There is no transcendent meaning of life. Premise 3: There is no immanent meaning of life. Conclusion: Therefore, there is no meaning of life. When presented with an argument: 1. Conclusion doesn’t follow premises. 2. Even if the conclusion does follow the premises, at least one of the premises is false. Two kinds of people: Nihilism: The view that there is no meaning of life. Affirmationism: The view that there is no meaning of life. There are two varieties: - Transcendentalism: The view that there is a meaning of life because there is a transcendent meaning of life. - Immanentism: The view that there is a meaning of life because there is an immanent meaning of
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