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Carleton University
PHIL 1301
Nalini E Ramlakhan

st January 21 , 2014 Behaviourism Materialism • Materialists deny that the universe includes both mental and physical substances • Includes: Democritus (460-470BC), • Materialism is widely accepted o Two types  Philosophical behaviourism  Psychological behaviourism o Although connected, describing events, such as toothache, in terms of brain activity and mental phenomena are quite different, and so is the experience of it o Prior to 20 century, introspective – revolved around conscious states  Studying the brain and mental states are correlations • How do we know that our states of minds resemble other’s states of mind? • Granted that we know our minds, how can we know the minds of others? • How do we know other people have minds? • How do we know that they aren’t zombie philosophers? o Someone with all the physical states but none of the mental – seems normal but does not have conscious experience, sense experience or qualia • Evolutionary psychology o Jerry Fodor – general processing & modules o Steven Pinkes, J. Cosmides, J. Tooby – massive modularity The beetle in the box • The example of the beetle in the box is meant to depict the relation that we bear to our o
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