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PHIL 1301
Nalini E Ramlakhan

February 6 , 2013 Identity Theory • Materialist/physicalist theory of mind • Unlike philosophical behaviourists who claims that Descartes was wrong as a matter of logic, identity theorist claim that he was wrong Identity theory vs. behaviourism • Behaviourism: model based on deunitional identities o Being in pain is a disposition to behave a certain was Identity theory • Conscious states are identifies w corresponding brain states – mental states are brain states; not just a correlation • Provides solution to mind-body problem o Mental events are neurological events – one material event causing another • Parsimonious o Occam’s razor • Mental states are brain states o Problem: mental and material are different in nature  Thoughts are self-conscious – mind needs to accommodate this  States of mind are not observable, brain states are observable? • Epistemological issue  Ontological issue (being or nature of things) o Sensations can be thought of as illusions  Primary vs. secondary qualities • Attractive view because it is scientific o Neuro.sci. and cog.sci. continue to make connections between mental processes and brain states  Neurological process are mental states • Eg. Over activity in temporal lobe = hallucinations • Emerged in 1950s – Place and Smart o Mental properties are discoverable -> material properties of brains and nervous systems o Every single mental property is in reality a material property • Principle of identity: a state, event, a process, a, is identical with state, event of proves b, only if the properties involved in a and b are identical o Distinction btwn predicates and properties  Predicates: linguistic and representational • Term used to describe properties to objects  Properties: nonlinguistical and features of objects o Scientific research will show that certain properties we us
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