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PHIL 1500P – Lecture 1 09/09/2013 Questions for today? 1. What is this course about? A: Participating in public reason Public Opinion • Attitudes about issues • What people happen to think • But not their reason VS Public Reason • Also about issues • People's reasons for thinking what they do • Reasons that could have been applied • What are the better arguments? (weaker? more than one answer?) Issues to be studied: • Responsibilities to distant strangers • Inequalities in Canada • War Inequalities are rising in Canada. Is that a bad thing, or is it OK? • Would it be OK as long as the lowest-income people were better off than before? • Would it be OK as long as everyone had a fair chance at better jobs & incomes? • Do we care about inequality? Or just ensuring that everyone has enough? • Does justice require that we are al equally free to live well? Questions about war. • War involves killing people, so how can there be any morality of war? • Still, maybe there are cases when it's OK to enter into war (self-defense). • Even so, maybe there are some acts of war that are always wrong (targeting civilians). • What is terrorism? Different types of terrorists? What do we consider a terrorist? 2. What does the prof expect? A: For each of the readings... • Find relevant arguments in the readings • Find their strengths and weaknesses • Is one answer supported by stronger arguments? *REMEMBER GOLDEN RULE* 3. What can we expect to learn? • Analyzing public reason on 3 issues: Arguments on the issues + their strengths/weaknesses • Principles that apply + their limitations • Reach other conclusions BUT: Make sure they are not weak and strong 4. Your work: Every week • NO FINAL EXAMS, we get graded on work each week so... - read and think about readings, attend and think about the lecture, participate actively in tutorial • How does this work? - Reading + Lecture responses: 20% of final grade (reading response 250 words due before the lecture - Lecture responses (to a question posed in class) handed in at end of lecture - Participate in tutorial: 20% of final grade 5. Reading • Course outline lists reading for each week - Some can be downloaded - Some are on library reserve - Some are in the coursepack • Coursepack: Readings for PHIL 1500 • Essay 1 (2 prep assignments (8%) • Essay 2 or Essay 3 (You may write on or both) (Best grade counts as 20%) PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION #1? Arguing: One meaning of arguing (but not what w
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