PHIL 1550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Soyou, Cognitive Dissonance, Orgasm

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Feb 28
Diffuse harm: if men are rewarded by watching degrading pornography (orgasm) they will come to act
upon their fantasies. Your behaviour can be harmful to others if you do not intend to harm them.
Structural oppression: people can be oppressed even if other people aren’t necessarily doing the
Sexuality is not purely natural. There is something cultural about it.
Sexuality can change historically speaking
-Greeks had relationship with younger boys to teach them ways of living. Older man was a role model. It
was culturally acceptable for man to have sex with boys. The men were both educators and lovers.
-it created cognitive dissonance. Because the boys took the roles of women, they were being feminized.
Greeks were treating the boys as women while teaching them to be men.
-hydraulic conception of male sexuality. Sex begins in male arousal and ends with male orgasm.
-this can provide an alibi for date/rape. If a women arouses a man, even unwillingly, then the cycle must
be completed and the man must have sex. “Blue Balls” should not be an excuse for rape.
-a man is in control of his sexuality.
-burden is on the woman to put her physical safety at risk when being sexually assaulted to prove rape
-to blame men for rape you need to treat them as free individuals
-even if it is the man’s fault, you can point out that the man’s decision is inclined but not compelled.
Which means that they are put in a position which allows them to make rape possible
-female sexuality is being made out to be very passive
-not simply common in linguistics
-Sapir Wharf: language that you speak determines the way that you think. To be francophone, soyou
think of world differently than Anglophone.
-men benefit from women’s oppression.
-men can be part of the solution.
-Men who do not rape can still be responsible for rape
-the reason is that men benefit from womens oppression even if they do not believe in it.
-the way men talk about women, when they are not in the presence, devalues them.
-misogynistic language gets passed around. Saying things like this often is normalizing it, so your creating
the cultural context to treating them that way.
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