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PHIL 1610
Iva Apostolova

Was a student of Plato. One of the most diligent students. Even thou Aristotle was born int he provinces, not the Athens, he was educated in Athens His father, Nichomachus, was the personal doctor of one of the kings of Macedonia. Later, Aristotle would become the tutor of Alexander the Great After Plato's death, he formed a school of his own, the Lyceum. Later his school was called Peripatetics (walking/ wondering thinkers) Aristotle was a biologist, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher. He is the first professional logician (he invented syllogism) He coined the term 'Metaphysics' which means 'that which comes after physics.' Its the subject matter that deals with the world beyond the physical world. He is also the first philosopher who thought about the method of philosophy and science. Nichomachean Ethics : Nichomachean Ethics, written around 350 BC is Aristotle's mature work on ethics, of whose authorship we are certain. It is a part of a bigger work, the second part of which is known as politics Nichomachean Ethics is a practical guide for statesmen. It is an educational text which is written for practical proposes, to educate future statesmen. The main topics in Nichomachean Ethics are happiness, virtues of the character, theory of justice, etc. Aristotle's methods in Nichomachean Ethics: 1. Aristotle's approach toward morality is not that of modern ethics in that he doesn't start from moral principles but moral beliefs. 2. Aristotle and Plato: the role of moral experience and the universality of forms. Book 1, section 7-13. The main question: the question of happiness. Happiness is defined by Aristotle as a activity which is self-sufficient, meaning that it is an end in itself. Happiness is 'living well and doing well'
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