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PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

The human telos is determined by our ERGON. Our ERGON is LOGOS (reason) (The best part of our psuche[soul]) Living well is using our LOGOS well, Which is to use it with ARETE (Virtue = excellence) This living well, ie. Virtuously, is EUDAIMONIA (Happiness) o How to use these to express the argument • Idea that you can only judge how good a person's life is at the very end  Can we determine how good a life person lives even if they are a child? • What makes it rational is the right blend  What is the rightness of the response of a certain trait? • Need reason to figure out things -> but is it just instrumentally important? • Aristotle: Wouldn't want to tie happiness to intelligence • When we think about children and understand that higher intelligence was important, we can understand why he is so adamant about the happiness question • Can you have happiness only for a little while or for your whole life? • Look at children who don't have as much intelligence as other people, but are happier o Children can't be happy because they haven't lived out their lives yet o Would you want to judge your life at the end? • Open to a confession of happiness that can have faces • First half of a life that is happy and the second half painful cannot be attributed to not a happy life o Are children rational? • Do they reason well?  Not usually • Intelligence is usually an relative thing  Think of intelligence in comparison to everyone else o If this is a happy child, what it is doing reasoning to a level that we can't? • Sense of wonder, when do you notice kids being really happy?  Not just when they're eating ice cream, grasp meaning of life when they have a sense of wonder • How big the solar system is, who their ancestors are, pushing boundaries, not in the way of doing tests • Why is reason in a broad sense, an intrinsically good thing?  Using LOGOs, reason, well • Being curious about philosophy is using logos well o An example of peace -> When we talk about political negotiation and conflict, it as instrumenta
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