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PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

First Teaching that Buddha ever gave • 4 noble truths come up o Comes across as Aristotelian and Christian ideals of restrain o Also sounds like the doctrine of the mean • For the essay: Due no later than February 15th o Can look up "Philosopher's Index" -> Under library catalogue • Relativism o Need to have at least two primary sources • Marks are lost for not having sources -> citations are extremely important o Finishing up Aristotle now The idea of calling yourself "Aristotelian or a Kantian or Humeian" -> There is a difference between the philosophers and the followers behind it • Fundamentalism -> applies many times to religion, first used to refer to southern Christians in the US who used the word of the bible to be literally true • Talk about somebody who treats one or more book as sacred and each sentence was literally true • Could have someone who does that about Aristotle o Could you have someone like that for Plato? -> although there are intellectuals that actually think like this o In many times, we take Aristotle for granted, think of him as outdated or wrong • Ex. He thought that the universe revolved around Earth • In politics, he defends slavery -> is it a descriptive thought that it is incorrect?  No one would agree with them on slavery • Reflect other parts of his view that are more general • Aristotelian -> has a connection to happiness, virtue and good o Some essay topics talk about that a bit o What would an Aristotelian say about any argument? • Note a serious possibly rejection and then cave into it o Straw man argument: Treating opponent as someone as an easily pushable or collapsible person, easy to discredit • Select objections that are interesting and serious  Defend your thesis • Aristotelian: Roselyn Hursthouse, Martha Nussbaum, McDowell, Thomas Aquinas (13th century philosopher who based his information on Aristotelian) o Pure intellectual inquiry • Aristotle and philosophy connecting to Buddhism -> asks, as an agent, what should you do to be happy? Could turn out that it is fridnship or others o View about personal happiness -> point that most Greek philosophy is very clear that they are trying to figure out if there are objective standards that determines what will make you happy in your life • Need to get along -> justice, social stability questions, etc. May also need some genuine friendships -> need to ask value question of why? What is so good about this?) • Question of Eudemonia • What do I have to think about to have a
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