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Gordon Davis

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Modern philosophy -> how it came about *CRUCIAL*For next week: Hume: Enquiry Conc. Principles of Morals (Past Masters) QUIZ Section 1-> can skim it Section 2 -> should read, but do not be fooled by how harmless it sounds, it is about benevolence, sounds uninteresting, like a mainstream common sense Only figure out later why what he says in sec. 2 is important Section 3-> is about Justice, sounds kind of like Protagoras, but with key differences that are revolutionary • Suppose that there is a larger being that has proved to you who they are, this is the truth, there is every reason and more to find out that the universe is predetermined, weren't sure before, but now you know o Can neurons openly decide whether to go in one direction or another? • Freedom is incompatible with determination o Person can do otherwise when doing single conscious acts o There is a forth path in time • In a way it will never happen, it is fine, a person who believes in freedom believes that a path in time forks between when reality happens -> this is where the forked path was • Incompatibility between freedom and physicality • Would non-philosophers be for compatibility? o If a pattern gets repeated, and describe things in less loaded way, a lot of people are compatible • Those who have not taken philosophy or taken this before, if we were the first people to vote, we would be more compatible o Responsibility is not just a legal concept, it is also an ordinary concept -> it is a word that we all use in certain common ways • The people decide what concept means  Is this concept connected with the idea of predetermination? •
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