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PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

Plato was Socrate student •Older man taught younger man •Beginning was Scorates -> plato- aristotle o Diotyma • Oracle or priestess • Taught socrates • Unknown if she existed •Socrates got information from a woman o How do you relate love, beauty, love, virtue and wisdom? o Immortality is the most powerful motivation for thinkers and humans • Not the same as saying what is the greatest •Goal of love and drive o Is absolute: beauty and the greatest o BUT: is beauty the best? Beauty is the "Greatest" o Greatest part of ideas and enlightenment Plato sometimes called beauty the "one" • Beauty guides the the good and beauty •Argument: cannot have good without virtues o Virtue is stable disposition of a person • Is a passion or disposition  Can good be independent of virtue? o Not relative to life or not either o "higher" than virtue • Can we put all four factors together o Plato depicts socrates -> does not seem to have a position on Diotyma's words o Plato pushes an intellectual view to us o Socrates never actually lays down a disposition o Through love -> you gain virtue -> Through virtue, you gain knowledge, become immortal •Love: virtue -> wisdom -> knowledge of good/beauty •Underlying drive for love = Good/immortality o Immortality as a biological process
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