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Essay Topics: Talking about Q1: • Most of what you refer to may be on Hume's essay on suicide and Kant's Metaphysics of Morals • Are expected to know in their inquiry for Hume and groundwork for Kant o Citation of lecture notes • Make sure you cite properly • General idea is that if you are not happy with the philosophies: you can consider another option, about how one of their philosophies can be used to go to a different outcome • Hume is an indirect utilitarian, can treat him as a virtue based utilitarian, but use him as a rule based utilitarian with the rules of justice which need to be treated with the utmost respect, rationale is the good that they bring about, it should teach rules and virtues that they hold dear, their justification is how they treat othres • Some ask questions about suicide along the lines of: what set of rules and society could they use?  With assisted suicide, total ban on suicide, which means ban on assisted suicide • But indirect utilitarian says they would contemplate any ideas that would change it and make it better for people • Can a plausible view be direct by an indirect utilitarian • Any indi
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