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Carleton University
PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

For Kant- cannot use people as a means to an end Only one form of the categorical imperative *Cannot use individuals as mere means to an end, but can still respect principle and use it as a mean all the time (can ask people what time is) If they give you the time, then they are a means to your purpose If we are expected to have children, then it seems as though we are now a means Have to have a degree of agency -either people are going to suffer miserably.. we are in constant decline and there is a chance that we may pull ourselves out of it -All that we can do is hope that we can pull people out of misery -If it ever got to the point where people were is poor they could not act in free will, if they were miserable, even more miserable than before.. then misery is worth it -The autonomy is the means to the end, idea of rational nature -> is it being infringed upon? -> kant connects social and political freedom -> free will -> Not a compatibalist, not content with mere social and political freedom -> Absent of self constrains in people -> can have this freedom even if they had no free will -> Fact that a pleasant life is worth more than a miserable life -> more deep free will -> quality of life is still free will and being free in society -> Hume was a realist and a determinist, talked about how democracy could not have happened -> within a generation, he was proved completely wrong -> in 1970s, even French was exemplar to follow -> there was a battle between increasingly materialistic conceptions of human life and a conception of free will that was strong and robust -> when kant said we have free will, he said it was controversial, no amount of causes that influence our daily actions take away our ability to choose one over another -> if a plan is satisfiable in empirical times they have the contracausal future -sigewick -> always argued for women to vote, said that if half the population isn’t voting or d
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