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PHIL 2103
Jay Drydyk

• Locke wrote in 1680s- end of religious wars • Nature of war -> which affected the public’s culture • Upsurge of social activism in Europe -> Theory was supposed to capture standards in the liberal society • Kant lived about 100 years after Locke did, the French Revolution affected Kant • Had a two faced attitude • He stated that revolution was a brilliant intellectual dawn “enlightenment” was important and taught everyone to think of yourself • Idea of self determining and thinking free • But at the same time, he was completely opposed to revolution • Someone who wills the end should will the means • Means of establishing freedom Kantian Ethics • “The list” of justifications for human rights 1. Utilitarian 2. Libertarian 3. Basic rights 4. Social contract (generic) 5. Social contract (Locke) 6. Social contract (Rawls) Locke: on natural subordination • We have an obligation to preserve each other • Meant to be used by others not as a tool • We are all equal and independent Aristotle: • Animals meant to be used by humans • Slaves meant to be used by owners • Women meant to hep men Powerful idea: • Kant believes in sharing all in one community of nature • Kant believes to never treat people as mere means, Locke also believes that there are not subordinations Kant treats people as ends in themselv
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