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Phys1008B W2013 Self-Test Problems for Week 1 Material from lectures 01 and 02 Multiple Choice Questions A1 Is it possible for two negative charges to attract each other? A) Yes, they always attract. B) Yes, they will attract if they are close enough. C) Yes, they will attract if one carries a larger charge than the other. D) No, they will never attract. A2 The Rutherford model of the atom shows a: A) neutrally charged nucleus surrounded by both protons and electrons. B) nucleus consisting of both protons and neutrons, surrounded by a cloud of electrons. C) nucleus consisting of both electrons and neutrons, surrounded by a cloud of protons. D) nucleus consisting of both protons and electrons, surrounded by a cloud of neutrons A3 Materials in which the electrons are bound very tightly to the nuclei are referred to as A) insulators. B) conductors. C) semiconductors. D) superconductors. A4 Two charged objects are separated by a distance d. The first charge is larger in magnitude than the second charge. A) The first charge exerts a larger force on the second charge. B) The second charge exerts a larger force on the first charge. C) The charges exert forces on each other
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