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Lecture 2

Self test week 2

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PHYS 1008

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Suggested Problems from Chap 17 17-7 What is the potential energy if a third point charge q = - 4.2 nC is placed at point a? 17-11 In the diagram, how much work is done by the electric field as a third char3e q = + 2.00 nC is moved from infinity to point a? 17-17 Find the electric field and the potential at the center of a square of side 2.0 cm with charges of + 9.0 µ C at each corner. 17-25 Charges of + 2.0 nC and - 1.0 nC are located at opposite corners, A and C, respectively, of a square which is 1.0 m on a side. What is the electric potential at a third corner, B, of the square (where there is no charge)? 17-27 (a) Find the potential at points a and b in the diagram for charges Q 1= + 2.50 nC and Q 2 = - 2.50 nC. (b) How much work must be done by an external agent to bring a point charge q from infinity to point b? 17-41 An electron is accelerated from rest through a potential difference ∆V. If the electron reaches a speed of 7.26 × 10 6 m/s, what is the potential difference? Be sure to include the correct sign. (Does the electron move through an increase or a decrease in potential?) 17-47 An alpha particle (charge +2e) moves through a potential difference ∆V = - 0.50 kV. Its initial kinetic energy is 1.20 × 106J. What is its final kinetic energy? 17-5
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