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PHYS 1901
David Maybury

Mars/ Jovian Planets 11/5/2013 4:37:00 PM Mars Contains 2 moons that are odd shaped = captured asteroids Themos Orbit the same way mars rotates in 8 hours Phobos takes 30 hours because it is further away and still reacts with Mars atmosphere Moon tell us how the solar system formed and not how mars was formed Jovian Planets Jupiter -Gas giant, can not stand on it 318 earth masses =10^2.5 Density: 1.3 g/cm^3 Orbiting at 5.2 Au from the sun  corresponds with keplers laws for 11.8 years Rotation period is 9hours 55 mins 4 very large moons Galilean Moons Does not rotate in one mass therefore eqitorial regions move at a different rate than polar regions -Rotates so quickly it is oblique ( thicker at equator than poles) very large atmosphere of hydrogen and helium Hydrogen: 86% Helium: 14% Large storm known as the great red spot(hurricane) – continuous for over 400 years Where does the colours of Jupiter come from and why in bands? Near the poles banded structure disappears - rapid rotation rate of the storm wraps around the entire planet because it doesn’t have time to form wrap around 1 centre Bands change in direction Colours is due to warm materials rises and sinking. The colours come from the different heights and altitudes of clouds of different thickness areas show different colours of helium and hyrdrogen Wind speeds up to 300 km /hr -increase in temperature of 420K the further you get to the core of the planet trace amo
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