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Political Science
PSCI 1100
Tamara Kotar

PASS WORKSHOPS Monday 10- 1130 (tb217) and 4- 530 (RB 3201) Politics- a process where people pursue collective goals and organize to deal with conflicts by means of government. Conflict is the driving force in politics; politics is about dealing with conflict, not necessarily resolving it. The study of politics- the study of the power struggle for the authority to make decisions for the public -The study of the constrained pursuit of iideals in the public sphere -The art of the possible Power is the ability to effect outcomes Political power is the ability to determine or influence government officials Dominance = influence? Private acceptance vs public compliance Fearic victory, a hard one victory that isnt actually worth it Robert dahl, and Stephen lukes The ability of A to get B to do what A wishes Or to get B to do what B would otherwise not do Or to get b to act in a manner contrary to Bs interest B believes that A is more powerful a force more powerful Steve a force more powerful Steve York Comparative politics A comparative examination of political power struggles of government and societies in different countries all over the world. -An area of study and a method of inquiry that seeks to explain political dynamics in different countries. Comparisons across countries in order to generate hypotheses and generalizations that can apply to other cases Scientific logic of comparative political science: Research question, inference, definition, description, explanation, prediction, prescription, uncertain conclusions, public procedures Analytic Techniques Approach the study of political phenomena with: - Dependant variables - Independent variables - Theories - Hypotheses - Models/ ideal types Theories - Theory generalizations that seek to explain or predict relationships among variables - King, Keohane & Verba o Choose theories that could be wrong o Ensure its falsifiable o Be parsimonius Achmunds razor, simplist solution is the best one Hypothesis- assumption to be tested Hypothesis Testing - Inductive or deductive - Identify variables - If then - Collect and examine evidence - Draw conclusions - Multicausality - Necessary and sufficient conditions Models/ideal types -Model- an abstract simplified representation of reality -Ideal type Weber Bureaucracy **** profs will be impressed if u use webers ideal type in ur papers - dependant variable Effect What we seek to explain In dependant variable- Cause causes or influences dependant variable Case study One country - Focused comparisons small number of countries - Statistical many countries Analytical techniques of political science - Quantitative research breadth - Qualitative research - ************ Trends in comparative politics - Classical - Renaissance & Enlightenement - Social Contract Plato Aristotle Machiavelli Hobbes Locke Rousseau Modern Era Modernization The state -the totality of governemental institutions, officials, laws and procedures in a country -monopoly of legal authority Webers definition of the state the monopoly of the legitimate use of force a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory Weber -territory, people, form of rule, boundaries and others recognize it -kurdistan, Taiwan, Somaliland, western sahara examples of places that are not states because they do not posses all of webers points -state sovereignty, legitimacy, and autonomy Sovereignty is undivided power to control laws, highest power is sovereign Internal sovereignty power within territory and external sovereignty where others recognize your power to make laws Pooled sovereignty example EU Ligitimacy _The right to rule, recognize the government has the right to make decisions, despite whether u like the decisions or not Autonomy - ******* Propaganda used by state to control populous Hobbes people are under obligation to obey as long**** Locke naturally good, born free, enter into social contract, right to life liberty and property Natural rights if they are violated the people has the right and the duty to revolt Rights cant be granted by any charter or document because they are natural, if you say they are granted then that means they can be taken away Rousseau the general will, the declaration of the rights of man and citizen Legitimacy Legitimate Authority Webers Ideal types***** how to frame the study of certain political or social phenomenon Legitimacy traditional (example king ), legal rational***, charismatic Trudeau example of a combination of charisma and legal rational Institutions enduring regularities of human interactions, frequently occurring, repetitive situations, routines, practices, systems of society Political institutions procedural devices associated with politics Distance between individuals and power holders State institutions the executive (ceremonial) head of government (political) The legislature - Parliamentary system (elects indivual and holds individual accountable for their actions) - Presidential system The judiciary signifigance varies supposed to be apolitical The bureaucracy discretionary powers democratic controls essential part of state Watch the corporation**** movie The military Junta (leaders of a military government) - Coup detat The constitution the rules of government written and unwritten Have basic things in common 1) Make the rules for those who govern 2) Harder to change than ordinary laws 3) Sometimes unmodifiable 4) Separation of powers, distribution of sovereignty Can be unwritten, such as uk, Israel
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