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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

February 7, 2013 Victory in the Civil War • Corruption and inflation erode support for nationalists • CCP relaches land reform, builds grass-roots peasant support • By using 'countryside to surround city' defeats the nationalists and expels them to Taiwan • Following the establishment of the PRC in October 1949 CCP turns to the USSR for economic and political support • The communist party mobilized the peasantry against the landlords and tried to unite more with middle class and urban intellectuals • As a result of this and their superior military tactics, the communists won the civil war in 1949 • Mao's main message was a nationalist one about the rise of the Chinese people • Mao needed technological help, so they turned to the Soviet Union • Soviet Union had won WWII because of better technology • They were a powerful industrialized country Collectivization and the Five Year plan • The CCP moves from land reform to collectivization of agriculture • Establishes a five year plan for building a comprehensive industrial base through assistance from the Soviet Union • Just needed technology to make it a industrial state • In the 1950s, they had a program to just learn from the
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