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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 2 NotesDo some kinds of government work better than others Are there better ways of doing politics How do we find out Learn by looking at politics as its practiced in countries not by theoriesAfter WWII a common way to classify countries was the three worlds systemoFirst worldWestern world Developed countries at the time of Western Europe North America etc Countries w industrial capitalism and market economies and democratic forms of government oSecond worldCommunist world Soviet Union Eastern Europe China etc Countries that had a single very strong socialist party in power and had state control over economy They were quite industrialized but were undemocraticoThird worldDeveloping worldpostcolonial countries Africa SE Asia Latin America had particular types of problems having to do with the fact that they had been historically dominated by first worldWe no longer use this way of dividing up the world Now more likely to see first second and third world to see common problems Find it easier to compare countries of global north though to solve common problems Global North countriesEurope NA Russia and ChinaA state is something fairly specific and modernThe state is a permanent organization that controls the Max Webers definition of statelegitimate use of force within a defined territoryoMust be permanent not temporaryoLegitimate use of force state controls use of force army police makes laws enforces them has prisons and that it contro
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