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Andrea Chandler

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Class 11 NotesMultilevel governancethExamDec 13 9AMProblems of the European UnionBegan as an organization to promote cooperation organization and freer trade about its countriesCountries that cooperated with each other economically are less likely to conflict with each othercreate peace and stability oAnd to stand up to Soviet UnionPower countries have delegated to the EU has increased gradually over decadesBut these are some of the problems esp since 2008 recession Recession illustrated a lot of the problems that the EU hadoEU expanded beginning from 6 countries in 1957 to 28 members EU is so diverse that it is difficult to make the institution workoEU has difficulty making new decisions because there are so many members harder with 28 than 6Resembles a federal system a confederal systemMost powerful countries can have a dominant amount of power even though they are 1 country among equals have enough resources to influence other countries oHuge bureaucracy because of the amount of member states Supposed to facilitate trade and cooperation but has instead caused a lot ofrules to deal with that may seem inefficient oDemocratic deficitas EU expanded to have more power the amount of say that citizens of EU countries have hasnt increased Citizens dont feel as if they identify with this institution that has a lot of power over their livesBut citizens of EU countries do vote for European Parliament but there are still a lot of decisions made by European council heads of state of EU members
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