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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 9Constitutions and DemocracyWhat is a democracyRobert Dahls Definition 1971 of democracy from Week 4system in which people can compete for power in government where there is the possibility to be defeated and these elections must take place in a setting with basic civil rightsFreedoms help people to become informed about democratic choicesNot just a system but a relationship between leaders citizens and other leadersImportant for democracies to be about respect for fellow citizens tolerance of difference ideas trust in leaders to make good decisions and trust between leaders to respect each other and the role that each other plays in the political processConstitution is an underpinning for democracySet of rules about how the political system operates that makes sure the various institutions have limits to their powersEnsures basic rights of citizens are recognizedBoundaries and rules are knownRepresent idea of trustDemocracies are fragileDemocracies dont last foreverAbout people and how they treat each otherdemocracy is at risk when people dont respectDemocracy can be reversed paralyzed interrupted overthrown etc in face of economic crisisoGreece US France IndiaMust be compromiseoPeople have to agree to disagree with their opponents in some areas Democratic transitions How and why do authoritarian regimes become democracies
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