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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 7 NotesPolitical Parties and Civil SocietyForms of organized social activityPolitical partiesoOrganizations that have the goal of forming a government participating directly in political process and that want to win electionsoDoesnt mean they dont have ideasgoals but because they are actively involved in the process of winning votes that means they sometimes changesoftencompromise ideas in order to try to win votesstay in powerShould expect political parties to do this It is the nature of competing in politicsInterest groupsoTends to evolve out of a more organized association like the Canadian Medical AssociationoProfessional group that presents views and interests of that group oIts not a political party but represents the views of a profession or organized group of people like retired people and try to explain views of that group to influence laws and politicsSocial movementsoPlay more of a role of being committed to specific ideas or issuesoRelatively speaking new concept in political science compared to the other two oStarted in 1980s phenomenon of groups like Greenpeace feminist movements etcoNot actually running for officeoFormed from the grassroots around a particular issue or set of related issue Committed to advancing goals related to this issue Political PartiesPromote democracy and encourage a sense of unity
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