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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 10Capitalism and the Welfare State background to GlobalizationSome argue real democracies require being able to acquire market and that a free market provides economic freedom needed for democracyOn the other side is social democracyequality for people equality of opportunity provide a stable base for democracy After world war 2 a lot of countries tried to balance these things via welfare state Paths to developmentWestern modelDevelopment in which liberal democracy developed gradually over time over a series of centuries in conjunction with a form of capitalism that stressed industrial developmentWhat is capitalismSystem in which individuals can own buy sell private property Can establish business that can compete with other businesses and these businesses can hire workersCapitalism developed in parallel with democracy in the western model Challenges for Capitalism after WWIITo some extent WWII provided a challenge Desirable for a new kind of politics to be formed for these countries to avoid severe challenges of capitalismFormation of East blocoFact the Soviet Union survived WWII but occupied many eastern European countries and use its influence in order to establish Soviettype regimes in those countries like Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia remained independent countries but were based on Soviet model and dominated by the communist partyoSoviet model was a threat to Western Europe France Greece etc as they were weak from WWII and vulnerable to revolutions and thus vulnerable to the SovietsDesire to build a more peaceful world
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