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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 8RevolutionLast week notesPolitical parties are a mechanism to address political concerns in a democracyAs a society becomes more sociallyeconomically developed there is more likely to be a democracy An educated citizenry demands more freedom and this freedom is necessary for the economy to do wellVoting can be selfinterested traditionally workers vote left for unions businessmen vote conservative etc New generation of citizens interested in more than economic issues like their parentsmore concerned with value issues oThis is postmaterialism Materialismdefining yourself politically in terms of economic wellbeingPostmaterialism is when citizens are more interested about their life community individual expression womens rights environment peace movement etcYounger generation now does politics differently than the older generation very prominent in Arab Spring Occupy etcRevolutionWhy do revolutions happenNot many examples to draw from revolutions are just more common at certain periods of history than othersIs it possible to compare revolutions at different points in time in completely different circumstances Does it provide any meaningWhat is a revolutionDifference between revolution and regime changeoBoth indicate major political changes
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