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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 5Ethnicity and IdentityIdentity can make the difference between a strong and weak statea shared identity helps make society more peacefulprosperous Different identities can be related to conflictsTwo factors motivate us to act in a way Are my political views determined by interests career advancement better for everyone or identity vote based on feeling of where I belongIdentityFeeling like a member of a group and feeling like you belong to a group Who I feel I am as an individual and like it is an important part of my individual self to belong to a particular group Regional cultural etc CitizenshipoHas two related meanings1You are an individual member of a state part of a community defined by a state 2 Democratic countries being able to decide who the government is Being a member of a community of citizensoProtected by their state and consider their state their home NationoMembers of a shared community within a state But nation is typically just used as to describe every member of a state oDo nations always exist wherever there are states Not everyone feels like they are part of the same society in a stateoSeen as desirable as it helps keep a state together How do you create a sense of shared communityValuesoWhen they believe in the same thingsoParticularly when they sharea commitment to democracy
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