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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 4Regimes and SystemsRegimehow a government is formedThe state refers to the government organization itself that carry out politicallegal decisions oAlso used for territoryRegime deals with who is in charge of the statewho makes the decisions etcWe look at the process by which leadership is chosen stays in power and succession how it is replacedConditions for which leadership stays in power and who they areA regime change is a drastic change in leadership in a regime eg army seizing poweroRegime change does not equal state failureLeader changes and how the process in which leader is chosen changesThree basic types of regimesDemocracyAuthoritarianismTotalitarianismoArent many totalitarian regimes left Soviet Union Nazi Germany and arguably China are some historical examplesDemocracyRobert Dahl used polyarchy to describe democracies because he thought there were no existing perfect democracies on earth 3 important characteristics of democracy People choose governmentoDone through elections which offer real choiceshad to be competitive Had to be possibility that any party can win Uncertainty in elections oElections had to take place within a constitution where there were basic freedoms
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