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Political Science
PSCI 2101
Andrea Chandler

Class 3Comparative politics driven by questionsExplain why a certain problem occurs in countriesHypothesis is formed as to what we think might be an explanation Gather evidence via research to see if hypothesis is trueResearch not to prove a point but to find out whether it can be provenExample of a hypothesis Most important factor in creating a strong state is an effective revenuecollection system revenuegovernment income like taxes in other words more money a govt can collect more effect state will beoWhat is cause And what is effectStrong state is the effect cause is revenue These are both variablesIndependent variable is cause revenue Dependent variable is strong state oAlternative hypothesis would be looking for other causes of a strong state other independent variables Eg a strong state is most likely to form when all ethnic groups have equal access to good government jobsThis independent variable looks at inclusion of ethnic groups dependent variable is the sameWhat is wrong with this hypothesis A strong state is caused by a powerful governmentThere are pretty much the same thing its selfreinforcing and not really a hypothesis Effectcause Known as tautologyHypothesis The Soviet Union fell because communism was not legitimateNot clear how these two are separated but main problem is that this is a biased hypothesis in that weve already made up our mind as to what the answer is Assuming it is not legitimate when we havent taken the steps to prove if it is legitimate or not Development and modernization can be used interchangeably in comparative politicsConcept that societies go through particular kinds of change in the modern era
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